Pine nut oil health benefits

Pine nut oil is an excellent natural source of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, among which the antioxidants and pinolenic acid are considered as the most beneficial for our health. The content of pinolenic acid, a fatty acid found only in pine nuts, in Mongolia`s wild pine nuts is almost 30% higher than in other pine nuts. This makes Pino Joy a nutritionally rich product.

Pinolenic acid is proven to have the following healthy effects on your body: Lower cholesterol level, Control blood pressure, Reduce liver fats, Suppress appetite, Help to lose a weight, Have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect, Prevent atopic dermatitis and other skin allergies.

Pine nut oil nutritional facts

Pine nut oil is an excellent natural source of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Among the numerous valuable ingredients, the antioxidants and pinolenic acid are considered as the main components beneficial for our health. The content of pinolenic acid, a fatty acid found only in pine nuts, in Mongolia`s wild pine nuts almost 30% higher than in other pine nuts.

Pine nut oil is rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including essential fatty acids, a wide selection of vital vitamins like vitamins E, K, A, and B, minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, zinc, and manganese.


Pine nut kernel health benefits and nutritional facts

This nutritious product is vital for the development of a growing organism, thus, daily intake is crucial for children and pregnant women. 

It provides a sustained energy boost, improves physical and mental capacity, modulates anti-aging processes. Pine nut is well known for its positive effects on the blood lipid status. It suppresses appetite and helps to lose weight.



The nuts of Mongolian pine tree (Pinus Sibirica) grown at the high altitude in places with harsh dry climate and severe winter are well known for its unique health benefits. Our Pino Joy brand oil is extracted by cold pressing of carefully selected pine nut kernels retaining all naturally occurring nutrients.


We recommend you to use this product as for finishing touch of fruit and vegetable salads, porridge, pastas and other freshly cooked meal. Then, the pine nut oil can be mixed with olive oil or other vegetable oil at the volume ratio of 20:80. Mixed, it makes for a fantastic gourmet culinary oil, adding its nutty flavor and fragrance to dressings, sauces and even smoothies. Adding Pino Joy to your food will bring additional joy to your dining experience.


High concentration of various essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make pine nut oil amazingly helpful for skincare as well. It works to hold back the aging process, soothes and nourishes the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the pine nut oil is very suitable for sensitive skin types. Because of its healing property a pine nut oil is used for massage therapy helping to reduce number of skin issues like itching, psoriasis, pimples, eczema, scabies and sores. It gives the skin a revitalized and fresh look. Moreover, due to its excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties, it is a recognized remedy for relieving dehydrated skin. Abundant source of vitamin E helps to boost hair growth and keep the scalp in good condition. People suffering from hair loss or hair thinning have found pine nut oil extremely helpful in combating the condition. It could be used either in form of massage or aromatherapy oil, various kind of soap, or shampoo, and in hair treatment schemes


Pine nut is an an excellent natural source of nutrients such as essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Pine nut proteins are easily digested and are high in amino acids, including essential amino acids, arginine and cysteine in addition. Furthermore, pines are one of gluten-free tree nuts and therefore are a popular ingredient in the preparation of gluten-free food formulas


About us


Falke Ecology LLC is the first and only Mongolian pine nut oil manufacturing company. Since 2011 we have been involved in production and sale of various vegetable and herbal oil like sea buckthorn or camelina oil. In 2013, we started production of pine nut oil from the wild harvested nut kernels of Mongolian pine nut tree (Pinus Sibirica).

We extract oil using highly efficient cold pressing and filtering technologies of Kern Kraft Oil Press, Germany and bottle it at the complete bottling and packing line of Chinese manufacturer Jinan Dongtai Machinery.

SC International LLC is a trading company of Falke Ecology LLC.

  • Our vision

Expand the horizon of Mongolian originated natural products throughout the world.

  • Our mission

Preserve the natural & eco-friendly state of the product by introducing latest technologies, hygienic practices, and safety measures.


We produce and sell the below mentioned products under the brand name of Pino Joy:

  1. Pine Nut Oil, bottled, 100ml and 250 ml
  2. Pine Nut Kernels, in sacks of 45kg
  3. Pine Nut Oil Cake, in sacks of 45 kg


Quality of our Pine Nut Oil of has been certified by German Chemische Produkte-Beratund und-Analyse CmbH (CBA), Japanese Food Research Laboratories and Eurofins Japan in 2015 and 2016.

In April 2017, our factory has been registered by BSI (UK) for both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005.








Falke Ecology founded – January
Attended BIOFACH Nuremberg – February
Obtained “Green Leaf/Green Label” certificate – June
Obtained “Chemische Produkte-Beratung (CBA)” certificate – July
Opened Shelling factory – September


Attended BIOFACH Japan – February
Opened Oil manufacturing factory – May


Obtained “Japan Food Research laboratories (JFRL)” certificate – December
Obtained “Organic Product” certificate – December
Completed EuroFins Food and Product testing Japan – December


Attended BIOFACH Nuremberg – February
Registered by BSI (UK) for both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 – April
Exhibited at BIOFACH China – May
Exhibited at BIOFACH America – September
Exhibited at China-Mongolia Expo in Hohhot – September
Received “Best Ecological Product Manufacturer” award – December
Received “IP Protection” award – December


Attended Foodex Japan – March


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